Condensation streaks from planes like we can obsvere today
can be the explanation for a description of the Aztecs, whereby
the god Kukulkan came in a "feathered snake" from the heavens.

One can actually interpret the airy image with
such a description.

He was always displayed in such a way, in the head of snake,

...like here on a temple wall in Uxmal.

or in the Archeological Museum in Mexico City

The description "Thunderbird" is also a logical explanation
how a primite people tried to describe airplanes with their vocabulary
and experience! If there was no word for airplane,
the matching properties would be put together.

It is how fearful beings are created from machines,
but they only display nothing else than misunderstood advanced technology.

The Thunderbird is a fabled being from the Indian myths.
It is called Wakinyan in the Lakota language, meaning "holy swinging".
The breadth of its wings are double the length of a canoe. With the beating of its wings, current
is released and bales the clouds together. Thunder is the noise of its beating wings and lightning
are the blazing snakes that it carries with it. The masks of the natives, show in color, two rotating
horns on the head and sometimes with a tooth-armed beak. Depending on the image, the
thunderbird is an individual or a category. But it is always intelligent, powerful and full of wrath.
All displays agree that one should not anger it. In the myths of the natives of the American
Pacific coast, the thunderbird lived on the summit of a mountain and is a messenger of the
gods and servant of the great spirit.

The Canadian natives recount of a category of thunderbirds, whose relatives
could transform themselves in men, whereby their beak became a mask and
removed their feathers. There are stories of thunderbirds in human form marrying into human
families and families that may trace their lineage to such an event. Clans of thunderbirds wore
human form and have lived along the northern tip of Vancouver. The story was soon forgotten,
and when one tribe tried to take them as slaves the thunderbirds took revenge on them.