The approximately 33,000 gold objects stored at the famous gold museum in Bogota (Columbia)
do not only reflect the deep belief of their indian creators and therefore their notion of this
world and a "another world". They also show the evidence that the technology
could be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Under the numerous figures, spectacular miniatures of "gold aircraft"
deliver the most important evidence. The nuggets are officially "religious ornaments",
that are termed as "zoomorph", "biomorph" or even as "insects", "birds" and "flying crocodiles".
Air and space travel engineers surveyed the curious artifacts and certified a clear highly modern
construction element that does not occur naturally. Experiments in the wind tunnel at the
Aeronautical Institute, New York, have confirmed this.

1. The delta geometry of the wings is displayed in a consquent low wing position.
All flying creatures are, on the other hand, high wing or shoulder wing.

2. The precisely dimensioned steering gear with the lofty right-angled side flaps as well
as the respective horizontally aligned elevator contradicts every bird image.

3. The corresponding fuselage with an animal head symbol at the tip and a vertical split of about two,
three millimeters to the adjoining fuselage segment is also abnormal. It is shaped in a convient
bubble structure, a construction form that first became prevalent with modern
transport aircraft as well as with the Space Shuttle.

Location: Shaft graves of the Calima, Tolima and Tairona cultures,
Columbian and Diquis, Costa Rica; about 500 AD.