The earth was visited by space travelers since thousands of years.

Within a few decades, our civilisation will also be in a position to explore planets outside our Solar System. Therefore, a development that started in the distant past will proceed.

In old scripts, myths and legends, and in religions around the world, one narrates about "gods" that came from the heavens and created man, drew up rules and laws, and gave him scientific knowledge.

Even the Bible is abound with chapters that corroborate these theses. It is a provocative theory, the fundamental idea of pre-austronautics and the Paleo-Stei research. For this reason, the AAS RA (Archeology, Astronautics & SETI Reasearch Assocation) was founded in the USA in 1973, based on the advise of the author Erich v. Däniken.

One raises the question for visible traces that these godly beings left on earth, apart from the unique passages in the old scripts.