Rapa-Nui (Easter Island) the island at the "End of the World",
protects one of the biggest secrets of mankind. Hundreds of monstrous Moai
figures are dispersed all over the island.

Originally the figures were covered with very heavy "red hats"
from a totally different part of the island. It will always remain a mystery on when,
who and for which reason the Moai were constructed.

The 153m high Rano Raraku (1) was the quarry of the huge,
up to 20m high figures. With a modern heavy duty crane, a Moai group (5)
was once again assembled by a Japanese team in 1993.

The mysterious mass production was abruptly terminated.
Moais already started in the rock, and heads left during the evacuation
are a witness. The final location was the coast.

The Moai, with a view to the center of the island,
were erected using huge platforms based on "Inka construction methods".

The figures were manufactured from the island's stone blocks,
displaying a cult of "bird men".

One of the three impressive volcano craters of the smaller island.

The writing of the primordial inhabitants, known as "Rongorongo", is still not
decyphered and remains a mystery for archeologists.